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Stop chasing Happiness...

Happiness is an achievable state, not an end goal. 


Life gets better when you take action. 

What are you looking for?

Below is a list of common conditions, however, this is by no means exhaustive.

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Self-esteem and self-worth can often seem out of our control, based on limiting beliefs that we may have picked up throughout our lifetimes. Using hypnosis, we can discover and change anything that holds us back from being comfortable and feeling confident in our abilities.

Childhood Problems

Childhood issues tend to hold us back and this is really common. The good news is we can update our beliefs with new resources. Many clients also have issues with toxic family dynamics and this is something we have begun to specialise in to help others find closure. 

Sleep Issues

Hypnotherapy can be very useful for dealing with insomnia and other sleep disorders. We focus on cognitive overstimulation, nervous system excitability and sometimes, historic experiences which could be contributing to poor sleep patterns. In sessions, I will teach you self-hypnosis to prevent future relapses.

Pain Management

Hypnotherapy has a LOT of evidence to support its use for pain management. Whether you suffer from endometriosis, back pain or are receiving chemotherapy, it can help you manage your symptoms effectively. When working with pain, it is important you receive a diagnosis from your GP first and understand your role in reducing your symptoms.

Anxiety and Depression

Hypnotherapy is very useful when it comes to mood disorders. Research has shown that Hypnotherapy enhances CBT and creates more successful outcomes.

Using relaxation training can really benefit those who suffer from anxiety and self-hypnosis allows you to take these skills forward into any situation.


Trauma and PTSD

Hypnotherapy can be a strong tool to combat PTSD symptoms (Rotaru and Rusu, 2016). We share a lot of techniques with EMDR therapy and help to process traumatic events from your past. For Combat stress and Post Natal PTSD we recommend at least 4 sessions. We will only work with sexual abuse survivors if we are sure we can help and promise to make this as effortless for you as we can.


Interpersonal relationships can be really difficult to navigate at the best of times. Sometimes, talking through the dynamic with someone else can be really beneficial. Learning your value and deciding how you let people treat you is really important. When combined with hypnosis, insight can often be gained rapidly, allowing you to make better decisions.



Irritable bowl syndrome and other gut problems can be debilitating. The NHS actually recommends hypnotherapy for IBS and many studies have shown it to be a highly effective and non-invasive treatment option. For the full benefits, expect to undertake around 6-8 sessions of hypnotherapy sessions and learn self-hypnosis to allow you to manage your condition long-term.

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Meet Minds Aligned uk

Welcome to my website!

Hi! I am Laura! I'm a massive hypnosis fan, a little chaotic, very friendly, and I want to help you therapeutically in any way I can. I try to strike the balance between science, academia, therapy and friendship. You guys become very special to me! I'm also putting together an affiliates page so you can access other services and resources that you might need... watch this space!


I don't take myself too seriously, I'm just people - like you, so when you come to visit me, be prepared to be 100% yourself - I love authenticity. People who embrace their weirdness rock and it can make therapy a pretty cool collaboration. 

I will support you every step of the way and I love regular progress reports, even after our time together comes to an end. All my clients receive lifetime access to my library of hypnosis audios too, just to help you way into the future! If you are a low-income household, add your name to our discounted therapy waiting list. I want nothing to stand in your way.

L x




Childbirth and hypnosis

We are passionate about helping women through all stages of life, pregnancy and birth, so we have developed our own personalised hypnobirthing programme.  Each session is created exclusively for you and will allow you to tackle your fears, learn valuable skills and get the most for your money. Laura specialises in working with those who have experienced birthing trauma or are suffering from Post Natal Depression and Georgina can provide all the information you need for birth and beyond, as well as physically assist you during your child's birth. Your mental, physical and emotional well-being matters to us and we will support you along your journey into motherhood. 

Advances in clinical applications of Hypnotherapy over the past few decades have led to highly successful outcomes.

Birth Hypnosis

We can help and reassure you with evidence-based techniques to aid with relaxation in labour and childbirth. We will encourage you to discuss worries and fears, as well as teach you valuable skills to overcome them, to prepare you for a calm and confident pregnancy and birth.

Birth Trauma

Otherwise known as Post Natal PTSD (PN PTSD). Nearly 1 in 10 women will experience Birth Trauma after childbirth and symptoms include anxiety, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts and trouble sleeping. Research (Rotaru & Rusu, 2016) shows that hypnotherapy can be useful for sufferers of PTSD.



Laura is a very compassionate, trusting and understanding person; this was a critical factor for me as I have a lot of complex mental health issues that, in my opinion, are difficult to deal with but most of all difficult to understand. Laura has made it very easy for me to speak openly about a specific issue that has haunted me since I can remember. Still, most importantly, she has understood and knew exactly what was needed to be done in sessions to deal with these issues but in a very calm and compassionate way. Laura has also explained why I have done certain behaviours over the years due to coping mechanisms from being abused, which has given me a lot of closure that previous therapists haven't been able to do.

I came to Laura with not just one issue but several, PTSD from my military service ( Afghanistan), stress from uni and life in general. But, the most challenging thing was from my childhood when I was sexually abused, and this has haunted me ever since. A year ago, I couldn't even say it to anyone, and Laura has empowered me to be able to talk about it without the fear of judgement. Last year I was under combat stress, and I never want to discredit their help, but what they did in 9 months, Laura has done that and more in just a few sessions.

This amazing lady is helping me get my life back together and see a future for my son and me. When I left the military, I grieved the void it left, and she is also helping me deal with that and make new healthy choices in life. I would more than recommend Laura. She is fantastic, and I trust her with everything, and trust is not something that comes easily to me with other people.

Sarah G. - Complex PTSD

When you choose to work with me, you should know:

- I will never judge you. You can tell me as much or as little as you would like about your issue.

- You can contact me in between sessions and I'll do my best to check in with you too. I love regular updates!

- You are not tied into anything and you are free to come back and see me any time in the future, I will remember you!

- I am invested in you and your goals fully. I will be thinking about you and your challenges in my spare time :)

- I love my job and I feel it is a privilege to work with you. I'll always be honest and I'll always do my best to help you.

Image by Lucas George Wendt

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