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Birth Trauma & Hypnobirthing
After having an emergency c-section and spending ten days in hospital, I was extremely anxious about giving birth again. I really wanted to have a positive mindset but couldn't stop worrying. Laura was amazing in helping me deal with the trauma from the first birth and getting me in a really positive and calm mindset. I felt I was ready for anything!


Birth Trauma (PN PTSD)
I just wanted to thank you so much, you've helped me so much. I've not had any flashbacks this week and I feel like a huge weight of fear and anxiety has just been lifted. I actually spoke to my friend about my birth experience for the first time, and all I talked about were the good points! You've changed my whole perspective and I feel like I can have another child in the future as that one day of pain is so worth everything else!
I really appreciate your help, I can't thank you enough.


Self-confidence & Focus
When you said that you wanted to use an NLP approach I was a little sceptical but but I knew nothing about it, so my scepticism was unwarranted. I was curious to see what it was about and I'm always up for new experiences, so I decided to give it a try and did so with an open mind. I wasn't disappointed. The concept of 'future memories' and allowing yourself to experience the feelings that accompany them is absolutely brilliant! Tasks suddenly feel less daunting because you already have that sense of achievement. It also boosts your mood, self-esteem, confidence etc and, in a way, you're setting goals for yourself.


Laura really helped me with my anxiety for my second birth. She made me feel super relaxed and helped me with all my worries. I would definitely recommend!


Self-esteem & Weight management
After many years of being someone of low self-esteem, battle with weight issues and comfort eating for moments that I felt rubbish. Laura gave me confidence Believe in my own choices and trust my own decisions not only for myself but as a mother too! She guided me to channel my thoughts to a much more positive place and each day since then I feel empowered by what I have achieved. Laura is calming, confident, professionals and very attentive to your specific needs. I feel like the old me again. It’s definitely made me a better mother and wife and I no longer make the wrong choices when I fancy a snack. I own my decisions and finally now I’m proud of that! Thank you Laura


Anxiety & Depression
Depressed, Anxious and unable to cope, I found Laura when I was at the end of my tether. I was in such a terrible state and thus I was dead certain that it would countless sessions before I'd feel any change at all. I couldn't have been more wrong - after just one session I was already feeling better, and the next session yielded even more improvement and so on to a point where I have very nearly completely pulled myself together. I am immensely grateful to Laura for the massive role she has played in getting me back on my feet.


Birth Trauma
Initially I just felt really contented and relaxed after our session and that lasted a few days which was nice! I've also been feeling a noticeable rush of love for my boys. I've been appreciating how amazing they are this week and been full of pride. It's like I'm really seeing them for the first time!


Birth Trauma (PN PTSD)
I am truly grateful, I haven't had any flashbacks about my birth which is brilliant. I feel like a dark cloud which has been hanging over me for two years has been lifted. I feel as though I can do almost anything. I can enjoy being a mum and spend time with my children. I used to feel as though I was letting them down constantly. I have noticed a huge change in my partner too, thank you so much.


Complex PTSD

Laura is a very compassionate, trusting and understanding person; this was a critical factor for me as I have a lot of complex mental health issues that, in my opinion, are difficult to deal with but most of all difficult to understand. Laura has made it very easy for me to speak openly about a specific issue that has haunted me since I can remember. Still, most importantly, she has understood and knew exactly what was needed to be done in sessions to deal with these issues but in a very calm and compassionate way. Laura has also explained why I have done certain behaviours over the years due to coping mechanisms from being abused, which has given me a lot of closure that previous therapists haven't been able to do.

I came to Laura with not just one issue but several, PTSD from my military service ( Afghanistan), stress from uni and life in general. But, the most challenging thing was from my childhood when I was sexually abused, and this has haunted me ever since. A year ago, I couldn't even say it to anyone, and Laura has empowered me to be able to talk about it without the fear of judgement. Last year I was under combat stress, and I never want to discredit their help, but what they did in 9 months, Laura has done that and more in just a few sessions.

This amazing lady is helping me get my life back together and see a future for my son and me. When I left the military, I grieved the void it left, and she is also helping me deal with that and make new healthy choices in life. I would more than recommend Laura. She is fantastic, and I trust her with everything, and trust is not something that comes easily to me with other people.


Birth Trauma
I found Laura through the Birth Trauma Association and was dubious about hypnotherapy and it’s effectiveness. But I had nothing left to lose in giving it a go. I thought it would be all ‘hippy dippy’, or ‘Derren Brown turns you into a chicken’ type work...I couldn’t be more wrong. The session was in depth and incredibly visual. I was concentrating so hard on my new ‘surroundings’, that I was completely immersed in exactly what Laura was saying. Listening to her calming voice, I was walked through prominent and key moments in my life - painful moments that were hard to revisit. However, Laura does not leave you there. Her genuine care and interest in my emotional well-being has gone above and beyond in my expectation of any professional. In fact, it almost makes up for the mistreatment I experienced under other healthcare. There are few strangers you come across that change your life. I’ve never met Laura face to face, only twice and only over Zoom. However, she’s changed my life immeasurably and for that I cannot say enough thank yous. Highly recommended for any anxiety, stress or trauma issues.


Birth Trauma and Anxiety
I worked with Laura on some post birth trauma and anxieties.
I’d never used hypnotherapy before so I didn’t know what to expect but Laura put me at ease instantly and reassured me about the process.
I have felt an amazing new connection to my boys since the sessions and definitely see my birth stories in a new light and from a new angle. My anxieties are still there but I find myself more able to challenge them and push myself out of my comfort zone.
I would definitely recommend working with Laura to tackle any issues you have, I can’t believe the new mindset I have now.



Anxiety & Panic Attacks

 highly recommend Laura, she has helped me so much with my anxiety over the past few weeks. I feel like I am getting back to the old me and found new ways of dealing with things, which is all down to the new coping skills I have learned.